Haryana State Council for Science Innovation & Technology

Haryana State Council for Science Innovation & Technology (HSCSIT) is an autonomous body, a registered society, under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Council was constituted to advise the State Govt. on policies and measures for promoting Science & Technology (S&T) in the State and to implement the policies & plans of the State Govt. more effectively and to utilize the funds received from various Central & State Govt. Agencies.


  • To provide linkages between the operational departments of the Government, research and educational institutions and productive sectors in agriculture and industry etc.;
  • To ensure application of S&T to solve real problems encountered in plan implementation ;
  • To promote location specific research ;
  • To demonstrate through model experiments and to utilize local capabilities and local resource on an integrated basis;
  • Apart from this, HSCST is engaged in Science popularization in order to promote scientific thinking among the people of the state.